Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today is Elaine's Day of Birth

Dear Readers:

Please take a few moments out of your day to wish Elaine a Happy 22nd Birthday! We love Elaine SO much we are going to list the top 22 reasons (in no particular order) why she is the best.
  1. She is an "All American" runner
  2. She sleeps with an Elmo stuffed animal
  3. She enjoys fruit snacks
  4. She is the proud mother of piglet, the bunny
  5. She enjoys listening to Emily's "gangsta rap" and doesn't complain about it ....well at least not all the time
  6. She ponders the theory behind Lady Antebellam's "Run to You" lyrics
  7. She is a genius
  8. She has recently began contemplating theories concerning "little people"
  9. She likes travel coffee cups from Starbucks
  10. She is going to be a vet
  11. She likes the Cubs
  12. She has hippie hair
  13. She accessorizes with flower clips
  14. She has every mug from the Wink's beer of the month
  15. She breaks the rules of the house and lights candles
  16. She has a twin....well not really but kind of
  17. She attempted to slow cook oatmeal
  18. She has a big top cupcake
  19. She likes hummus
  20. She lives in the third floor triple
  21. She is a ginger

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