Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coffee Cake Mishaps

....And we are back!

Here is some of our latest news:

Last week following THE slumber party Jake, Iva, and Em went to Starbucks. Everyone got themselves a nice little pastry and a coffee of some sort. Em was quite excited that they had chocolate chip coffee cake so when the lovely barista handed it over she took a bite. OH NO, to her surprise it was BANANA. She was outraged, but not to fear Iva took care of eating the rest. As if lasts weeks encounter was not enough, today Iva and Em tried out another morning Statbucks run. Em again was happy they had coffee cake, but opted for the original...can you really go wrong? As Iva and Em were leaving Em's coffee cake tumbled to the snow covered pavement.

From this point on Emily will no longer be ordering coffee cake. Perhaps next time she will try the morning roll.

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