Monday, January 18, 2010

Elaine and Iva at Arabica

We live on the third floor of a sorority house in a tiny room with everything and piglet, Elaine's rabbit.

People steal the silverware in our cubby... so we all use one fork. Elaine is sick, so Emily is definitely going to get sick and Iva won't. This is the diary of Elaine, Iva, and Em.

Piglet is loud when he drinks water, but Emily and Iva deal with it, since Elaine really likes animals and needs practice before she becomes a veterinarian.

Em and Iva are both nursing students, they complain about nursing school a lot. Emily always gets pooped on in clinical, but she needs practice if she is going to be a nurse.

Our friend Jake is awesome. He is witty.

One time a can of soup fell on Emily and she passed out, one time Emily got a flat tire, one time the nursing school tried to tell Emily she had TB, one time somebody hit Emily's car in the parking garage, one time Emily slipped on ice five times in one winter.

This will mostly chronicle the unfortunate things that happen to Emily and how Elaine and Iva react. Emily is a champ.

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