Monday, January 18, 2010

Day One: Closing Thoughts

Tonight we had chapter. Before chapter, Iva had a craving for a fruit by the foot. Instead of taking two she made Em carry one so she didn't look fat or like a hoarder of the house groceries. During chapter we played Phi Mu jeopardy. Even though Iva is the recruitment chair and the activity was to prepare us for recruitment this weekend Iva got just about all of the questions she raised her hand to answer W-R-O-N-G, wrong.

Also, Iva just found out she is working with Em at the admission's office as a telecounselor. This is going to be a bad combination. To all prospective students, prepare yourself for an enthusiastic phone call from the dynamic duo.

Before we forget, we must introduce you all to Nora. She is one of our BEST FRIENDS. Nora enjoys candy, funfetti, and her cat baby kitty.

FYI: Elaine is somewhat embarrassed by our blog.

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