Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coffee Cake Mishaps

....And we are back!

Here is some of our latest news:

Last week following THE slumber party Jake, Iva, and Em went to Starbucks. Everyone got themselves a nice little pastry and a coffee of some sort. Em was quite excited that they had chocolate chip coffee cake so when the lovely barista handed it over she took a bite. OH NO, to her surprise it was BANANA. She was outraged, but not to fear Iva took care of eating the rest. As if lasts weeks encounter was not enough, today Iva and Em tried out another morning Statbucks run. Em again was happy they had coffee cake, but opted for the original...can you really go wrong? As Iva and Em were leaving Em's coffee cake tumbled to the snow covered pavement.

From this point on Emily will no longer be ordering coffee cake. Perhaps next time she will try the morning roll.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This weekend as well as next weekend is sorority recruitment. As a result, we will be spending many hours singing, clapping, snapping, cheering, and a variety of other activities. We apologize if we are unable to publish humorous posts.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Unfortunate News

Text Message from Elaine to Emily
January 22, 2010 11:05:35am
"Your boy lil wayne is going to jail."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

birthday sleepover: SUCCESS

Last night was Elaine's birthday...... enough said. Jake slept over. Emily and Iva were trying to sleep and they strategically left one of the lamps on, thinking that this would prevent Elaine and Jake from turning ALL of the lights on whenever they decided to return from their adventures with the XC team. They were wrong. Not only did all of the lights get turned on, but there was also an impromptu photo shoot, which resembles a combo Ray Ban/Mini-Wheat ad (see above). After the photo shoot Iva and Emily thought that the madness was over, but Jake had different ideas and decided that a clothes earthquake was in order and threw Iva's clothes out of her dresser. Then Jake kept yelling "slumber party". Iva thought it was funny. Emily didn't. 

Congratulations Nina!

Congratulations Nina on being selected as a dancer to represent ATLAS at 2010 THON!!!!

Erika, Me (Emily), and Nina at PSU Art's Fest

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today is Elaine's Day of Birth

Dear Readers:

Please take a few moments out of your day to wish Elaine a Happy 22nd Birthday! We love Elaine SO much we are going to list the top 22 reasons (in no particular order) why she is the best.
  1. She is an "All American" runner
  2. She sleeps with an Elmo stuffed animal
  3. She enjoys fruit snacks
  4. She is the proud mother of piglet, the bunny
  5. She enjoys listening to Emily's "gangsta rap" and doesn't complain about it ....well at least not all the time
  6. She ponders the theory behind Lady Antebellam's "Run to You" lyrics
  7. She is a genius
  8. She has recently began contemplating theories concerning "little people"
  9. She likes travel coffee cups from Starbucks
  10. She is going to be a vet
  11. She likes the Cubs
  12. She has hippie hair
  13. She accessorizes with flower clips
  14. She has every mug from the Wink's beer of the month
  15. She breaks the rules of the house and lights candles
  16. She has a twin....well not really but kind of
  17. She attempted to slow cook oatmeal
  18. She has a big top cupcake
  19. She likes hummus
  20. She lives in the third floor triple
  21. She is a ginger

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ride That Pony?

College orientation is a time for all new students to mix and mingle, get acclimated with campus, and schedule classes. Case on the other hand takes orientation to the next level. Why would we play hours of normal ice breakers (i.e. two truths and a lie) when you can gallop in a circle, slap your rear, and chant a song? That lovely image that came to your mind is what Cleveland calls, "Ride That Pony."

Please do yourself a favor and watch the youtube video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyVa2XX7ZZQ

the terrible luck iva has with coffee

so, once again, iva's coffee addiction is getting a bit out of control this semester. last summer, iva had a serious addiction to coffee once the semester ended. she started getting these intense headaches when she didn't drink it, but didn't realize the headaches were from caffeine withdrawal. she went to the neurologist to get her headaches checked out, and was prescribed coffee (3 cups a day).

anyways, last semester, iva went to starbucks before class to get her normal venti coffee. she was talking on the phone to her friend Amanda and pouring the normal (but still ridiculous) amount of sugar into the coffee, when she dropped her phone directly into the cup. the man next to her laughed silently as iva started violently swearing and grabbing for napkins. she went back to the house to put her phone away and write an angry note to elaine, which ended with "I can see my dad being annoyed about this...." later that night iva looked for rice to put her phone in, but couldn't find any, so decided to put it in oatmeal. this sorta made sense, until she ran out of normal oatmeal and used cinnamon sugar. the sugar filled all the cracks in her phone and it permanently smells like cookies.


Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. 

Fall One Of The Season

This morning Emily was going to the gym at 6:15am. Although she noticed that the sidewalk was quite slick she thought to herself, "I am not going to fall I was a dancer....obviously I have good balance." Well she did slip. Thanks Miss Jenn apparently Emily's balancing skills still need improvement.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Emily listens to gansta rap every morning. We are not getting ready to go clubbing, Emily. 

Elaine, Iva, and Nora love Mini-Wheats. Correction: Elaine, Iva, and Nora are obsessed with Mini-Wheats. Sometimes when people go grocery shopping and "forget" (who FORGETS to buy Mini-Wheats???) to buy Mini-Wheats for the house, Elaine, Iva, and Nora are pissed. 

One time Elaine tried eating Mini-Wheats in warm milk. Let's just say that that was the first Mini-Wheat Elaine met and didn't like. 

Anyway, for Halloween Elaine, Iva, and Nora dressed up as Mini-Wheats (See picture). 

Addedum To Unfortunate Things That Happen To Emily

Last year we all had to attend a joint IFC/Panhel Meeting. Since it was absolutely frigid outside (stupid Cleveland), Iva and Em had one of the girls in the house drive them. Entering approximately five minutes late, Em and Iva began to walk down the steps. Before long Em slipped and hundreds of people turned and gasped! Iva, walking in front, thought that everyone was pointing out that we were entering late and she became enraged! A few seconds later Iva realized Em had fallen in her new Frye boots. Since then we warn Em about wearing her slippy boots on the slippy steps.

To all proud Frye Boot wearers: be careful.

Amar is a staple in our small room. He may seem like your run of the mill token med school friend, but Amar is way more. He has a great sense of style and he smells damn good.  
Elaine is watching Teen Mom while Emily and Iva are busy posting every moment of their lives on the blog. They have alerted their closest friends and relatives of the creation of their blog. 

Elaine definitely has some great things to bring to the table. She should commit more of her time to the blog. Like how just now Elaine took her temperature and she could have blogged about being sick and taking Nyquil last night. The Nyquil made her fall down the stairs and she was drowsy until probably around 8pm today. 

Elaine is pretty excited for the Buried Life to start. 

Day One: Closing Thoughts

Tonight we had chapter. Before chapter, Iva had a craving for a fruit by the foot. Instead of taking two she made Em carry one so she didn't look fat or like a hoarder of the house groceries. During chapter we played Phi Mu jeopardy. Even though Iva is the recruitment chair and the activity was to prepare us for recruitment this weekend Iva got just about all of the questions she raised her hand to answer W-R-O-N-G, wrong.

Also, Iva just found out she is working with Em at the admission's office as a telecounselor. This is going to be a bad combination. To all prospective students, prepare yourself for an enthusiastic phone call from the dynamic duo.

Before we forget, we must introduce you all to Nora. She is one of our BEST FRIENDS. Nora enjoys candy, funfetti, and her cat baby kitty.

FYI: Elaine is somewhat embarrassed by our blog.

Elaine and Iva at Arabica

We live on the third floor of a sorority house in a tiny room with everything and piglet, Elaine's rabbit.

People steal the silverware in our cubby... so we all use one fork. Elaine is sick, so Emily is definitely going to get sick and Iva won't. This is the diary of Elaine, Iva, and Em.

Piglet is loud when he drinks water, but Emily and Iva deal with it, since Elaine really likes animals and needs practice before she becomes a veterinarian.

Em and Iva are both nursing students, they complain about nursing school a lot. Emily always gets pooped on in clinical, but she needs practice if she is going to be a nurse.

Our friend Jake is awesome. He is witty.

One time a can of soup fell on Emily and she passed out, one time Emily got a flat tire, one time the nursing school tried to tell Emily she had TB, one time somebody hit Emily's car in the parking garage, one time Emily slipped on ice five times in one winter.

This will mostly chronicle the unfortunate things that happen to Emily and how Elaine and Iva react. Emily is a champ.