Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the terrible luck iva has with coffee

so, once again, iva's coffee addiction is getting a bit out of control this semester. last summer, iva had a serious addiction to coffee once the semester ended. she started getting these intense headaches when she didn't drink it, but didn't realize the headaches were from caffeine withdrawal. she went to the neurologist to get her headaches checked out, and was prescribed coffee (3 cups a day).

anyways, last semester, iva went to starbucks before class to get her normal venti coffee. she was talking on the phone to her friend Amanda and pouring the normal (but still ridiculous) amount of sugar into the coffee, when she dropped her phone directly into the cup. the man next to her laughed silently as iva started violently swearing and grabbing for napkins. she went back to the house to put her phone away and write an angry note to elaine, which ended with "I can see my dad being annoyed about this...." later that night iva looked for rice to put her phone in, but couldn't find any, so decided to put it in oatmeal. this sorta made sense, until she ran out of normal oatmeal and used cinnamon sugar. the sugar filled all the cracks in her phone and it permanently smells like cookies.

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