Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"I don't know how I got so funny" -Emily

"Its on the tip of my brain....."

So, around finals time last semester Elaine, Nora, and Iva were studying in the bat cave (bat cave=where Elaine Nora and Iva think they turn into bats)(ps. you need a password to get in)(pps. no you can't have the password)(ppps. we know you want the password). They got tired of studying and decided to take a break and do what they love, bothering Emily. Rather than doing just the same-old covering all her things in post-it notes or putting scary pictures of animals in her notebooks, they decided to attack from a different angle. They created a fake email account for "Erica Samuels," and sent Emily a frantic email about an awareness dinner that she needed to get "soup" for. The email went something like this:

Dear Emily,

I hope this email finds you well. We have not heard back from you in regards to the soup for the Awareness dinner. Please pick up the forms in Nord and fill them out and turn them in as soon as possible. The soup is essential for the success of the dinner.

Please let me know when you have done this.


Rather than responding and saying "I don't know who you are or what you are talking about" Emily responds "I am unsure what forms you are referring too." Nora cleverly responds "The forms. In nord. For the soup." Emily proceeds to search for Erica on facebook and on Case's website ....and basically every search engine you can think of, and when she can't find her she frantically asks Elaine and Iva what she should do. She also expresses confusion as why an Awareness dinner would have soup rather than a "baked good" or "pasta". They tell her to email her again about the forms, and see what Erica says. Emily emailed Erica, and Nora told Emily that "The forms were due to Wes in the Greek Life Office." Emily was drafting email to Wes when Iva got cold feet and told her that it was a joke.

Side note: How ironic that a soup can fell on Emily's head a year proceeding this prank.

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